Trucking companies transport freight which is different than small parcel. Freight Trucking companies typically specialize in one of three types of freight shipping service.

  1. LTL – Less-than-Truckload
  2. TL – Full Truckload
  3. Partial / Volume Truckload

Since 2001, Custom Logistics has built key relationships with hundreds of trucking companies that are nationwide as well as regional to ensure that the services our shippers need are always available to them at a competitive price.

Trucking companies vary by the distances their trucks travel, commodities they will transport and the different levels of services they offer.


There are Three different trucking categories based on distance:

  • Long haul trucking companies: They offer shipping services that transport freight long distances, typically across the country or over borders.
  • Short haul trucking: Smaller carriers that are regional and manages the pickup and delivery of goods within a short distance.
  • Partner or Cartage trucking companies: These carriers offer the ability for short haul trucking companies to have a larger footprint in pick ups and deliveries outside their area as well as do local deliveries for larger carriers.


Trucking companies are dependent on the capacity availability of the truck’s trailer. The most common types of trucking companies are those that specialize in LTL freight services. This means they require less than the full capacity of the trailer up to a limited length. They pick up freight from several shippers, transport the load to a local terminal (freight hub) and then reload the truck with other LTL goods that are being transported to the same general destination.

Trucking companies may also specialize in primarily Truckload and Volume Freight ServicesTruckload shipping requires the transportation of freight that takes up an entire trailer or the majority of it. Truckload shipments can be used to facilitate quick deliveries or large freight and can usually go from origin to destination without stopping at a terminal (freight hub). This means there’s less handling of the freight and exposure to loss or damage.

Custom Logistics keeps the customers needs in mind when we choose which trucking companies it works with to give you a safer way to transport at a lower cost. When you book a freight order, our operations experts are trained to consider the type of shipping required, rates, types of needs that are specific to the load, transport time-frame and more to make sure the truckload carrier chosen will meet the criteria to ensure safe and rapid transit.


Searching for the right trucking companies to move your freight can be daunting and frustrating, with many local, regional, and national truckload carriers out there. Custom Logistics helps make freight shipping simple, finding you the safest and reliable truckload companies every time you ship. Every carrier we use has been inspected, licensed and insured to carry freight safely and efficiently, no matter your requirements are to ship. With the high volume of freight we move, we always work to get you the best freight rates possible.

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