What are the costs to sign up?

There are no costs to get an account. There are no fees either. You only pay for shipping.


Can I access my system on all devices?

Yes. You will have the ability to do everything no matter the device you use. From phones to desktops, we have you covered.

How to set up payments?

We offer many selections to pay. From Net Terms, echeck, ACH and CC on file. You can even pay invoices online.

When do we get invoiced?

Once a shipment gets picked up, it generates an invoice at that time. Depending on the type of payments you have set up, you will receive our invoice for remittance or use your card on file.

Can I test the system before signing up?

Yes you can. You would need to contact us for a demo walk through to see how it operates and the ease of use.

What type of shipping is offered?

We offer the ability to get freight, small parcel and large truckload rates for you. Depending on your needs when you enroll, we will get you the proper account and pricing needed.

Can I get special pricing?

Custom Logistics offers our shippers the ability to have us negotiate lower rates on your behalf. There is no cost for this service and with our partner carriers, you will be able to see a savings anywhere from 10% to 35%. This depends on commodity, lanes and packaging.

Contact us for more information

Are shipments insured?

Yes. When you go online to get a rate, you will see the carriers liability for your shipment. If there is not enough coverage you can always add more coverage and see cost instantly.

Are there additional costs?

When you enter a quote and get rates back, the pricing is based on the information you provided. Carriers will inspect a shipment to ensure the data listed is correct to what is shipping. As long as that is the same, there would not be any rate adjustments.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You are not locked into a contract. Use our system as needed without high pressure sales calls or monthly fees.

What about damaged shipments

We have simplified the claims process and integrated that right onto your dashboard. You will see the status of each claim and the progress of it. One more reason to enroll free.

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Need Support?

We are here to earn each and every shipment. That includes offering support that goes above and beyond what many shippers are used to. See the Custom Logistics difference

Have more questions?

Without overpowering you with information, we ask that you contact us and we can answer any questions you have before enrolling. We will give you the answers needed to make a proper decision.