Vietnam Airlines Steps Up Cargo Development

Other hubs well on the way
This is not Vietnam Airlines’ first hub creation move. They are already getting logistics hubs into motion in the more northern cities of Hanoi and Da Nang, as well as in Ho Chi Minh city
Can Tho Airport is situated south-west of Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam Airlines operates regular flights from there to destinations within Vietnam as well as on international regional routes.
The Vietnamese aviation officials are supporting the move as they also see air freight increasing by between 15% to 20% per annum during the coming years. The so-called online retail business is
booming in the country with estimates from some sources showing an almost 30% annual growth picture. By no means as large as the Chinese domestic e-commerce traffic, but one which is also growing
in leaps and bounds.
This is where the need for an own international air freight carrier comes in. The growth has to be catered for and Vietnam will not want foreign carriers taking the lion’s share in the
Domestic freighter operations are also a must if Vietnam wants to keep abreast of the developing e-commerce market. Surface transport means are restricted mainly to road transport. This becomes
more difficult, however, due to growing traffic congestions and the disruption of services by heavy rainfall in the monsoon season.

John Mc Donagh