Supply Chain Transformation Readiness Tool

TECSYS Inc. has launched an IDN (integrated delivery network) Readiness Assessment for Supply Chain Transformation for the healthcare industry.

The interactive tool guides IDN leadership through a cross-functional view of their business and generates a quantifiable measure of the organization’s readiness for a consolidated supply chain strategy.

Last year, mergers and acquisition activity reached a record-setting high in healthcare with more than 115 transactions, up 13% over 2016 activity. As leading IDNs work to more strategically expand their offerings and market share without sacrificing patient outcomes, the organizations must address a growing number of legacy technologies and siloed supply chain systems.

The first step to facing these challenges is measuring an IDN’s readiness for transformation across diverse areas of the business. The TECSYS IDN Readiness Assessment for Supply Chain Transformation exists to help leadership understand where gaps may exist across an IDN’s network.