Jettainer Develops Black Box for ULDs

In the case of the “Black Box” deployment, there are currently still more questions than answers, admits managing director Carsten Hernig of Jettainer. “In a certain way, the project resembles a
trip to the moon,” he stated at a Berlin-held press conference, “with open outcome.”
Sounds dramatic but at Jettainer they are convinced that open technical issues will be solved soon to start the test phase according to schedule in Q1 of 2019.
Next on the agenda is the technical certification by the regulator followed by the identification of a launching customer to test the device under operational conditions.

Smart Box coming soon
Once in action, Jettainer’s Black Box will provide a wealth of information, including recorded temperature changes, damages or shocks occurred during loading or on the ground, making both
handling and transport of air freight shipments extremely transparent.
However, some major adjustments are still pending completion, including the miniaturization of the current test model that is so far too large. Once this task is accomplished the official
approval follows before the device can be launched, demonstrating its many abilities, including transmitting and preserving all shipment data, reporting the status of the ULDs and their
geographical location. This way, the box facilitates the tracking and tracing of unit load devices and their contents, providing valuable platform as a basis solving claims quickly in case of
damage or loss.