Air Carriers / Air Freight Forwarders: Service on the up and up

It has often been said that as the global third party logistics (3PL) market goes, so goes the air cargo/airfreight forwarders markets. Indeed, the carriers and forwarders who work tirelessly to fill the bellies of the world’s planes are now feeling similar service pressures to those being felt by the broader 3PL community.

“Air cargo volumes have been trending steadily upward, and that’s good news in the short term,” says executive editor Patrick Burnson, whose deeper examination of the current air cargo market can be found on page 74. “But now shippers need to keep an eye on how the air cargo infrastructure is going to sustain this growth as e-commerce demands place even more stress on capacity and the very airports that support the networks.”

However, amid the mounting pressures placed on this segment, the readers of Logistics Management report that these 20 carriers and service providers have soared above the rest in terms of service quality over the past year.