ACH Celebrates its First Decade

Dedicated to air cargo
ACH under the guidance of Parveen Raja, publisher of UK based Eva International Media, has during the past decade grown the event into what this year’s ACH Chairman, Olivier Bijaoui, termed as
“the one and only event dedicated to our cargo handling industry.”
It was an interesting three days where many from the air cargo related industries came together and looked at and tried to bring up solutions on how best to tackle the challenges ahead. Chris
Notter, Chief Ground Handling officer at Saudia Airlines Cargo acted again as chief moderator, something which he has gladly done for the past years. Chris managed to get an interesting and
varied group together for the panel discussions and the various presentations reaching from subjects such as The Air Cargo Industry – A Decade on to E-commerce and The Impact on Air Cargo.
It was gratifying to see that there were many younger generation air cargo specialists on hand and the presentations from Air Cargo Belgium (ACB), Sheremetyevo Moscow Cargo for example were given
by young, not maybe so experienced, but fully dedicated upcoming air cargo management potential. ACB has been instrumental in getting the various Belgian companies related to air cargo movement
under one roof and having an open dialogue on how to streamline an industry which some say tends to go more backwards than forwards these days.

e-commerce, transparency in the supply chain and future infrastructure
It would take pages to comment on all subjects tackled but the above three issues which were the subject of discussion on individual panels, highlight three issues which tie in together if the
air cargo industry is to realise the challenges facing them in the future and arm themselves sufficiently to tackle them.
e – commerce, an interesting panel discussion – a word which is in everybody’s mouth these days. But it was clear that still almost a decade after the introduction of e-commerce, that many still
do not realise the impact it already has and will have on the future of air cargo. Are airports ready for it? is the handling industry geared towards a speedy “in – out” supply chain and how will
e-commerce affect operators and cargo operations? The question as to whether the industry had a serious rethink on e-commerce strategy, still remains unanswered. If the air cargo industry does
not get its act together then the e-commerce giants will force themselves to manage from A – Z on their own.